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At AlignMend Physical Therapy, it’s my mission:

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to make a warm, safe, relaxing and respectful place for all clients regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, or creed. AlignMend focuses on the science of Postural Restoration and evidence based physical therapy practice utilizing the best and the latest research available. I love people. My goal is to listen to my patients which allows me to modify my practice to fit each individual patient's needs. I believe in balance, rest, restoration, boundaries and the priority of life care.  I am here for you on this journey to work together towards your success.

2208 NW Market Str. Ste. 307 Seattle, WA 98107  Phone 206.717.5969 / Fax 206.590.5907 / Text 206.819.8119


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Here's What Other's Say About Working With Paige

Loved working with AlignMend to fix some nagging issues that made my weightlifting training very difficult.  Paige was knowledgeable and methodical in attacking fundamental structural issues to provide long term relief instead of the temporary fixes I've had from previous PTs.  I enjoyed our visits and learning about the principles of PRI and the time Paige would take to show me what she was talking about as we were working through my issues.  I can see and feel the results in my training.  Highly recommend!


Paige helped me recover from a left ankle sprain in early 2020 before COVID-19.  Through one-on-one sessions, she helped me reduce swelling and regain balance in everyday activities. Honestly, I found the breathing exercises silly, but doing them with Paige and at home gave amazing results.  She has a friendly, fun personality and intently listens to your concerns. She not only left me feeling better but with the knowledge to maintain good body alignment. I highly recommend her professional expertise! 


Paige has taken Physical Therapy to the next level; provided me with the tools and techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is passionate and professional, ensuring each technique was the proper means to move me towards a healthy body and at the same time she implements a caring personable touch. She is my hero, put me on track for a quality healthy lifestyle free from pain and discomfort.


Before my first visit with Paige, simply putting my socks wracked my lower back with pain. She immediately saw the issues with my posture and gave me cues to begin fixing it. Within days of that first visit I was running without pain. Paige is great at explaining why we are doing a certain exercise and how the body is connected. The exercises built on each other making progress satisfying and easy to maintain. 


About Paige McNerthney 

Hello, my name is Paige McNerthney.   I am a physical therapist and owner of AlignMend Physical Therapy.  AlignMend Physical Therapy is a single practitioner clinic located in the heart of Ballard/ Seattle, WA:  2208 NW Market Str, #307, Seattle, WA 98107. 

I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years and have a vast knowledge of full-body orthopedics, manual therapy, sports medicine, fitness, education, exercise, kinesio tape, ergonomics, postural assessments and Postural Restoration®. I consult and focus on full body recovery and movement both in-person at my clinic and online.

My visits are one-on-one for 60-minutes and provide you a customized plan to decrease pain, manage pressure, calm the system, control movement and maximize your body's potential. If you are an individual struggling with a new program, a weekend warrior, a fitness enthusiast, suffering from a chronic condition, or just simply needs some guidance in how to perform and feel better, schedule an appointment with me so we can begin your next course of action to your journey of success. If you do not control your posture and movement, it will control you.

I am a Postural Restoration® Certified clinic and my practice focuses heavily on the scientific curriculum established by the highly regard Postural Restoration Institute®. I focus on full body functional recovery of the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, and autonomic system. Once discharged you will leave with the knowledge and education to continue to improve your functional progress, recovery, and your body's ability to rest. This is your body's only way to help to decrease risk for future injury.  If your body cannot rest, it will not recover. 

I look forward to seeing you and beginning your road to empowerment and control of your global body's amazing compabilities for resilience.

📍 2208 NW Market Str #307
Seattle, WA 98107 
📞  +1 206-717-5969  

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