AlignMend Physical Therapy is 2 years old!!

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2021


I was on the phone with my Mom this morning and I told her today is the 2 year anniversary of opening my own practice. She said, "What, 2 years?  I thought you opened in 2020."  After giggling a bit...I realized the last two years flew by. For many people 2020 was a strange year, a long year, a tragic year, and for some a year of new opportunity and growth.

It is hard to believe that I opened AlignMend on October 4, 2019.  In those two years my business changed, my practice changed, my priorities changed, my commute changed, and time with family changed. 

In celebration of today I thought I would share a few things about me that you may not know as well as some thoughts about my business. 

10 things You Didn't Know About Me: 

  •  I was never a good athlete when it came to competitive sports
  •  I have a 3-foot pastel albino ball python that lives in my house
  •  I never wanted to own my own practice
  •  I was a DCA all national cheerleader
  •  The older I get the shyer I get
  •  My favorite color is pink
  •  Exercise is hard for me
  •  My favorite food is Korean
  •  My favorite movie is Valley Girl
  •  I am a relationship-driven person

10 Things I Have Learned About Owning My Own Business:

  •  Marketing terrifies me
  •  Always wanting to know the "why" keeps me up at night, more than finances
  •  Energy you put out is the energy you get back
  •  Location is important
  •  I am better at owning my own business than I thought
  •  I have a generous community of other PT's that support me more than I ever thought possible
  • Physician referrals are important, but my clients are my best marketing tool
  •  I battle with imposter syndrome 
  •  Listening to everything that clients have to say is important to their recovery
  • The more I learn, the less I feel that I know

For those clients, professionals, family and friends who have supported this ongoing 2-year journey, I am forever grateful.  I am glad to have helped in the process of your recovery. If you know someone you feel I could help, please do not hesitate to send them my way.


Paige, PT, PRC




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