Are you really going left?

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2021

Postural habits we get into often cause us to get “stuck” in certain patterns or positions. These postural habits / positions are often driving us onto a right side, lateralizing us right, or causing our body to only drive in the right lane.


I have many clients that like to sit crisscross applesauce (including me). This bilateral end range of motion is not always the best choice. This sitting position is a modified sitting position to replace the desired need to sit criss cross apple sauce.



But when you compare the first picture to the second picture do you notice a difference?


You might will that even though I am sitting in a position to unload the right side with my legs, that my trunk is still lateralized or positioned over to the right.


This is the path of least resistance and a common compensatory movement that our body’s will continue to find even when we attempt to break this habit of overloading or compressing the right side.


When you look at the second picture you will see that my trunk is lateralized or positioned over to the left. 


So, simple changes with guided cueing, observation and education is the key to success.  Our body’s are brilliant and will always find away to get air in, no matter the consequences. Education and understanding of how to drive positions, movement, air, lymphatics, and pressure can do wonders.  The nice thing is, often it doesn’t take much.  Just changing simple movements throughout the day can make big difference.


Watch for other simple changes in my up coming posts that you can make to help control your body so that it does not control you.


Happy Weekend



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