Asics Nimbus 24

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2022

Hello AlignMend Family, 

Those of you who have worked with me know how important a good shoe is for recovery and balance of side-to-side sensory support.   

You also know that a good shoe must fit to your specific sensory system or body. 

Shoe fits are something that I do daily in my practice.  Shoe fits can be an eye opening and life changing experience in regard to pain, balance, movement and performance.   

I want to let everyone know that the Asics Nimbus 24 came out a few months ago.  The Asics Nimbus has been on the shoe list for years and I am sad to report that NOW the Asics Nimbus 24 is BEING TAKEN OFF THE SHOE LIST.   

This shoe is not holding up to the normal success that PRI practitioners have seen in the past. The lateral heel has too much give (decreasing normal pronation) and the overall sole is breaking down quickly in my regular runners. 

SO...if the Asics Nimbus was the shoe of choice during your shoe fit analysis, then I would go grab a couple Nimbus 23's and hope that the Nimbus 25 is revamped and holds up to the previous Nimbus standards. 

If you have not experienced a proper shoe fit and want to see changes immediately in your postural positioning, range of motion and movement, give me a call and lets set one up. 

Happy Sunshine 

Paige, PT, PRC 


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