Caffeine or Vodka: What Do I Miss More

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2022

Hello AlignMend Family,

Well, I am just over a week into my restorative gut and hormone plan with Deanna Elliott. Wow, is it funny how the mind and gut work.

Not to sound like your PT has a beverage problem…but…these are some things I miss. The funny thing is that I don't drink a lot of either one.

I am a one cup a morning coffee drinker. I love good coffee. My husband and I owned a coffee shop for 10 years on Queen Anne. Patrick taught me about what good coffee is, how it should be sourced, and how it should taste…and I miss that in the mornings.

A few times a week after work or with friends, I love to have one shot of Tito’s vodka in 32oz of bubble water with fresh lime.  I know it sounds crazy. My friends would say “What is the point?”. “One shot in 32 oz of water?”.  It is just what I did and, well, I miss that too.

When speaking to Deanna, I mentioned that it is funny how that mind works.  I mean, I drink so little of each of these items, yet I was craving them more than the food I had eliminated.  I say “this has to be a psychological want and not a physical need correct?”

Deanna gave me a good reminder that our mind and gut are the same.  Have you ever had one of those moments where you “just had a gut feeling about something?”

This is exactly what I am talking about.  The mind and gut are synonymous.  They feed off each other in the same ways.  Mentally, physically, psychologically, and emotionally.  This was a nice reminder to me that you simply cannot separate the two.

This is exactly why PRI and gut health are so important and connected to one another.  Both focus on Rest and Digest.  Feed and breed.  Love and safety.  Health and Harmony.

I have learned that my stomach is lacking in stomach acid production. Say What???  Who knew?  Stomach acid is vitally important in gut health, digestion, enzyme breakdown, protecting your body from bacteria, and elimination of waste.

This has been so cool so far. In just these for 9 days I have seen lots of change already. This is a good road I am on AlignMend family, and I am grateful to be able to feel so comfortable with all of you to share my journey and we also share together in yours.

Think of me when you enjoy that delicious coffee tomorrow morning,

In Health



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