Fat loss with a long exhale

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2021

Hello and Happy Holidays, 

I wish I was better at getting these blog posts out regularly, but this crazy and continuing education-filled Autumn has just not allowed me enough time. 

It’s important to me to get this holiday blog sent your way.  I want to thank you personally for supporting me, my education, and my desire for growth professionally. And for allowing me to take this journey of wellness with you.  I may not have all the answers, but I promise I will do my best to figure things out in regard to your recovery. 

I want to share a funny little tip for you this holiday season.  For those of you that work with me directly, you know the importance of a long and slow exhale. We talk about it with ALL activities and how in incorporate it into your daily lives. Taking the time to appreciate a long exhale is not only for postural positioning, education and pain relief, but also for an autonomic parasympathetic response to allow for healing, stress relief, and rest. 

BUT. Did you know that according to the scientific book "Breath" by James Nestor, for every 10 pounds of fat you lose, 8.5 of those fat pounds comes out in Co2 and water vapor through your EXHALE?  Your breath is the number one regulator of your metabolism!! Pretty crazy right. 

A autonomically sympathetic system holds on to cortisol and estrogen and leads to shallow breathing and hyperventalation. This decreases the Co2 and water vapor being exhaled, increases belly fat and slows one’s ability to shed some extra pounds. 

As we roll into this holiday season and the eating and drinking may increase, take some time to exhale.  Long and slow. In and out of your nose. Slow down a bit. Enjoy the time with family and friends. We have all learned how quickly the world can change and how important it is to appreciate the present.  The here and now.   

I love my job. I love the challenges. I love my patients. Please have a safe and happy holiday. I cannot wait to start 2022 together. 

You are my second family, 

With love 

Paige, PT, PRC 


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