Great Warm Up and Cool Down for Any Workout

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2021

Every day in my clinic and online I educate clients about the importance of breath, movement, interruption of patterns, good rest, nutrition, and giving yourself some grace when needed. Here are common questions from people about their home exercise programs:

  • How often do I do these exercises?
  • What time of day is best?
  • Should I do my other normal exercises?
  • How can I implement these into my everyday routine?

I usually tell my clients that if they are going to be doing any form of exercise, it is best to “reposition” after the activity so that they spend the rest of the day in a good position.  It is very unlikely that when doing higher level exercise that anyone will naturally “hold their position” for lack of better words. This is totally normal and totally okay! 

They often ask me what I do for my own routines.  I explain that my exercises vary. I am honest with them that I am not a “super athlete” like many of the very smart individuals I follow on IG, but more of just the average, middle-aged female who is trying to take good care of her health both mentally and physically.  For me that equates to a consistent, four day-a-week, 60-minute workout (on a good week I get in five days).  These four days are something that I have made a priority in my life. On those days, I do not allow myself to start work or look at my computer until I have gone down into my basement, turned on some good music, set a timer for 60 mins, and go through whatever exercise routine I have planned for that day.

That being said, I always start and finish with breath work.  I spend at least 10 mins doing a good breath work warm up and then 10 mins at the end doing a good breath work cool down. In between I go hard for 40 mins getting my heart rate elevated and a good sweat going.  

Here are a few pics of the warm-up and cool down routine I did today, with the 40 mins of harder exercise in between.  456 calories burned later…I was ready for the day.

Keys to remember for good breathing:

  • Inhale silently in the nose and exhale with a bit of force through the mouth
  • Inhale through your nose, slower and longer than you would normally.
  • Exhaling through your mouth, slower and longer than you would normally.
  • Emphasize getting a longer and longer exhale each breath.

Warm Up:

  • Child's pose breathing with alternating arm reach – 5 breaths per side
  • All Four Left Posterior Mediastinum Expansion in Left Trunk Rotation 10 breaths in and out
  • Lunge with trunk rotation – 5 breaths per side



 Cool Down

  • Bear Plank to Down Dog with Balloon


  • Long Seated Alternating Cross Overs




 This warm-up and cool down exercise can be intermingled and also changed depending on the day. 

Only one day left before the weekend…make it a good one. 

Hope to see you soon,

Paige, PT, PRC, CSCS


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