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Uncategorized Sep 06, 2022

True confessions of a PRI health professional…

I built a practice around education of mindfulness, self-love, meditation, breath work, wellness and body/pain management.

 Over the last nine months I have been doing anything but the above. Starting 18 months ago things started to change for me drastically. 

 stopped having a period

 started having severe night sweats.

 started questioning all my decisions professionally, emotionally, and personally

 started to think I was losing my mind

 have put on 15 pounds since January 2022 even though I was constantly thinking about everything that went into my mouth and feeling guilty regardless of the decision I made : good or bad

 exercising five times a week without any results

 started having severe hot flashes during the day over the last six months

 severe self-doubt

 body image issue

 heavy mood swings

 feeling self to defeated

 First I went to my primary care doctor and she literally told me to exercise and do the Mediterranean diet. No joke.

 Then I went to my OB/GYN to discuss hormone replacement therapy and she told me she thought it was bullshit and told me she thought I should try Lexapro. Also no joke. 

 Yesterday morning I spent sobbing with my husband out of frustration. After leaving the house and heading to my office I sent a text message to my friend and trusted colleague Deanna Elliott with Centered Physical Therapy. Within three minutes my phone rang and when I picked up the phone through sobbing hellos the first thing I heard was, “I got your girl. “

I met Deanna in December of 2020 as we were both taking the certification exam for the Postural Restoration Institute. Deanna is a PRI physical therapist also but she has a degree in Functional Medicine as well.  What an amazing combo.

 Don’t ask me why it took so long to make this phone call. Probably because this transition is going to be difficult, challenging, but I’m hoping that the results on the other end will give me the answers that I am looking for.

 I am so grateful for this friendship and for Deanna‘s unconditional support and unbelievable understanding and intelligence around the female system, gut health, hormones, genetics, and the changes that we experience that are difficult for people to understand.

 I am going to be posting my journey along this way. No promises as I am only human and I’m sure I’m going to make some poor choices but I’m so excited to be working with a provider that I can trust and has my best interest in mind. Someone who doesn’t try to give me a generic answer or suggest medication. No matter how many times I verbalized I don’t think this is what I needed, my old trusted providers did not listen.

Thanks Deanna. Bear with me along this road. I am grateful for you.

Please, through this process, if you have any questions or interest in knowing Deanna and her practice. Please let me know. 

 Paige, PT, PRC, PCES



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