Postural Restoration: Why I Practice this Amazing Scientific Practice of Physical Therapy

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

Hello everyone,

I want to talk a bit about Postural Restoration (PRI), the basics, what it entails and where it comes from. 

Ron Hruska Jr, MPA, PT opened The Postural Restoration Institute 20 years ago. Ron was in practice for almost 20 years prior to opening this amazing institute of education, so he has a wealth of experience.

The institute is precious to me both for its practices and location in (Lincoln, NE). Though I do consider Seattle my home, I was born and raised in the midwest - I am familiar and still feel comfort with the seasons, farmland, and wide open spaces of this part of our country.

I have been in PT for over 20 years. I have vast training in manual therapy, functional movement and exercise development. Postural Restoration is something I was introduced to back in 2015.  I had been suffering for 6 years with bilateral hip pain/back pain after the birth of my son Rowyn.  I had physical therapy, body work, chiropractic, acupunture, x-rays, MRI's, 4 cortizone injections in my spine and 2 in each hip, and eventually ended up at two different  orthopedic surgeons that both comfirmed I needed hip surgery or I would have total hip replacements by the age of 50!!

What???  I just could not believe this was my only option...

A colleague of mine suggested I take a Postrual Restoration Course.  I took my first course in 2015 and can literally say it changed my life.  I will never forget being in that class and feeling like all the light bulbs were turning on in my brain.  Not just for my own body but for the 1000's of clients I had seen in my first 15 years of practice. 

Since 2015, I have taken multiple courses and will be testing for full certification in December of 2020.  I can say from personal experience that PRI has changed the way I approach my practice, clients, treatment, and my own body.   I have returned to unlimited activity, without pain for over 4 years. I will be 47 next year with no sign of surgery in sight!

I am such a believer in the success of this clinical application and approach that I sent my husband for treatment and we took our son to Nebraska for a 5 day evaulation last February.  Not to bore you with more detail, but it literally resulted in life changes for our son, his entire system, anxiety, school day, rest and play.  He is a even happier and healthier kid!!

I have attached a link to the website and a couple articles if you are curious.  You can always reach out to me with questions as well.

Hope to see you soon to start your new and improved movement!!


Paige, PT


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