Seth Godin and Patrick McNerthney (my husband)

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2022

Hello and Happy Sunny Thursday,

I wanted to share a blog post I read this morning by Seth Godin.

The Physical Therapy Metaphor

Seth Godin is the founder of the altMBA program, as well as a writer, entrepreneur, and expert on leadership.  This program is particularly special to me as my husband Patrick successfully completed his altMBA in March of 2020.

Since his completion of the altMBA program he has transformed his career path as a creative content writer.  He has now written for many different organizations on many different topics. He has also written for a non-profit organization involving art therapy for the elderly, and children with different abilities.  And he has been a regular contributor to Oregon Sport News.  

He also just completed his SECOND BOOK!!  For those of you that enjoy creativity, sarcasm, wit, and pure entertainment without any stress...Patrick's books will be right up your ally. I always tell him that writing is his superpower. 

I hope you take the time to read this short but important blog by Seth. If you are interested, I have linked my hubby's books below.

The Future Will Not Involve Underwear: Humor, Satire and Outright Lies

Self Worth Is Only Achieved Through Sports

Hope to see you soon,






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