AlignMend Physical Therapy is Moving to Ballard March 1, 2021

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2021

Hello AlignMend Family and Future Clients,

I am very excited to announce that AlignMend Physical Therapy is moving locations.  I am moving on March 1, 2021 from Eastlake Alliance Healing Arts to the Ballard Building at 2208 NW Market Street #307, Seattle, WA 98107, ready to see clients starting Monday March 1st.  This works space is bigger, allows complete privacy, and enables more scheduling flexibility to work more days a week so that I can offer more appointment times.  The building is secure and located above the Starbucks on the corner of Market and Leary.   

I want to give some tips about how this new space will work, parking options, access, communication of arrival, and scheduling details.

Parking Options:  

  • Street parking is the cheapest and very easy right now. This would be at a typical metered rate. Parking on Market Street or any of the side streets around or across from the building has been very easy and convenient.
  • Chase Bank...
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Postural Restoration: Why I Practice this Amazing Scientific Practice of Physical Therapy

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

Hello everyone,

I want to talk a bit about Postural Restoration (PRI), the basics, what it entails and where it comes from. 

Ron Hruska Jr, MPA, PT opened The Postural Restoration Institute 20 years ago. Ron was in practice for almost 20 years prior to opening this amazing institute of education, so he has a wealth of experience.

The institute is precious to me both for its practices and location in (Lincoln, NE). Though I do consider Seattle my home, I was born and raised in the midwest - I am familiar and still feel comfort with the seasons, farmland, and wide open spaces of this part of our country.

I have been in PT for over 20 years. I have vast training in manual therapy, functional movement and exercise development. Postural Restoration is something I was introduced to back in 2015.  I had been suffering for 6 years with bilateral hip pain/back pain after the birth of my son Rowyn.  I had physical therapy, body work, chiropractic, acupunture, x-rays, MRI's, 4...

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